Music And Motion

Research has proven that music is the best activity for nurturing every area of a child’s development. From birth onward, music is the perfect vehicle for learning!
Each MuMo class is developmentally appropriate and allows your child to see, feel, hear and then express concepts in their own creative way. 
Join us as we dance, sing, listen, and learn.
Connect with other families and discover how music makes parenting easier and gives your child the tools for future success in school ... and life.​​

Hanover, PA  *  Manchester, MD  *  Spring Grove, PA  * Gettysburg, PA


Summer Sessions

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Summer sessions

Themed Sessions for 0 though 3 years

 ​45 minutes with an adult/once a week for 5 weeks 

Themed Sessions for 3 though 5 years

45 minutes independently/once a week for 5 weeks

Piano and Percussion Instrumental Sessions for 5 though 9 years

2 hours drop off/5 days