We offer:

* A  unique opportunity for families to bond, interact, and learn together in an unhurried and joyful manner. 
* A special way to spend a morning together or to reconnect at the end of the work day. 
* A variety of independent classes designed for energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative older children that include ensemble music, vocal performance, and 
group piano instruction.

​* A staff of educators passionate about the importance of music in the lives of children.

Conveniently located in the education wing of St. Paul's Lutheran Church @127 York Street in Hanover, PA



​January 27th ~ May 8th

Baby/Bobbler * Toddler * PreschoolEarly Elementary​

Open Registration Begins December 1st!



5:15pm Toddler

6:15pm Baby

*9:15am Preschool

*9:15am Bobbler

*10:15am Toddler

*10:15am Preschool

11:15am Young Musician/MM

5:15pm Bobbler

6:15pm Toddler

9:15am Toddler

10:15am Baby

*11:15am Toddler

*11:15am Preschool

5:15pm Kids Keyboarding 1

9:15am Toddler


4:15pm Young Musician/MM

5:00pm Kids Keyboarding 2

5:15pm Young Musician/MM

*9:15am Preschool

*9:15am Baby

10:15am Toddler

Music And Motion


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*Indicates Concurrent Classes for families with more than one enrolled child.

 Want a class but can’t find one that fits your schedule?
Gather 4 friends and we’ll create a class for you!


​​​​​Research has proven music is the best activity for nurturing every area of a child’s development. From birth onward, music is the perfect vehicle for learning.

Join us as we sing, dance, listen, and learn!
Each MuMo class is developmentally appropriate and allows your child to see, feel, hear, and then express concepts in their own creative way. 
 Connect with other families and discover how music makes parenting easier and gives your child the tools for future success in school ... and life.​​​​​​