Music And Motion

ALL TOGETHER classes ~ 6m & up w/adult

This class brings ALL ages TOGETHER! One child or more, this is a unique opportunity to interact and learn with your child, or children, in an unhurried and joyful manner.  Come play, learn, dance, create, and share in the fun of making music together! 
Activities encourage your child to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control, and communications skills. Creative movement to various musical moods develops a sense of balance, timing, and spatial awareness. Sharing their creativity and joy while singing, or in instrument exploration, helps each child discover their own method of expression. This class is a dynamic and integrated learning experience for everyone! To ensure a healthy classroom, each child will receive an Instrument Set to bring with them and use in class each week.


Things That GO!

March 5th ~ May 10th

$175/semester (Includes Instrument Set)

$145 if you have an instrument set from a previous semester/session. Use coupon code NISN during registration.

​2nd child discount available. Use coupon code SDC during registration.​​​​

Wednesdays @ 5:20pm

​Fridays @ 10:20am​​​​

​You may also consider a TODDLER class if siblings are all 3 years old and younger.

Music And Motion reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.​​​​​​