Babies are tuition FREE online until 6 months!

March 2nd ~ May 6th


Farm & Field

One Class A Week/$105

Wednesdays @ 10am

Jan. 12th ~ Feb. 11th


Sleigh Bells!

One Class A Week/$55

​​Wednesdays @ 10am

Join Us Online!

Virtual Baby Class ~ 0 to 12m w/adult

A synchronous (live) class offered on Wednesdays at 10am that can be accessed asynchronously (recorded) for participation at anytime.

A bonding experience, our online Baby Classes provides a delightful environment unlike any other.  Baby's growth and development are stimulated and all senses engaged through a unique blend of multi-level activities that include creative movement, massage, rhyming, object & instrument exploration, and baby sign language. The class incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place t0 safely learn and connect with other parents and babies through music and movement.​

Music And Motion