Kids Keyboarding Kamp

(Group Piano Class)

5 through 8 years​

July 23rd ~ 27th (Mornings)

Group keyboard classes offer a fun and unique approach to learning music. 

Small classes move together as a group through a graded piano book, covering basic reaching and rhythm skills along with duet and ensemble playing. These classes are well suited if your child enjoys the varied activities a group can offer along with a focused approach to learning the keyboard.

    Class time is divided between reviewing assignments, learning new repertoire, individual time on the keyboard, and musical enrichment activities.

    Students must have a keyboard or piano at home and are expected to spend time during the week on home practice.

5 Days ~ $110/Kamp


​M-F 9am to 11am July 23rd ~ 27th


Keyboard is REQUIRED for Semester classes (not Kamp) if you do not have a piano at home.




 Music And Motion reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.​​

Melody Makers

The Great Barrier Reef Summer Camp

5 through 8 years​

June 11th ~ 15th (Mornings) 

June 25th ~ 29th (Afternoons)  

This class provides a pressure-free environment where your child can develop a strong musical foundation through songs, games, and instrument exploration. 

The program is designed to introduce the students to musical concepts and patterns, as well as develop their musical ear.  Students will sing together and as individuals, and experience sounds using the voice, body percussion, and musical instruments.  They will be exposed to the Kodaly and Orff methods of teaching and given coaching and reinforcement to develop a healthy singing voice.

Becoming comfortable with sharing their music is also a focus.  Students will learn a program of vocal music with instrumental accompaniment to be formally presented to family & friends at the end of each camp.

5 Days ~ $110/Camp


M-F 9am to 11 am June 11th ~ 15th 
M-F 1:30pm to 3:30pm June 25th ~ 29th

Ukulele is REQUIRED ~ any color.

Summer Campers can purchase one to own, or rent one for the week ($10). Please contact us to reserve a ukulele if you will be renting one.



​​​Music And Motion reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. 


Music And Motion