Melody Makers

5 through 7 years

These classes provide a pressure-free environment where your child will develop a strong musical foundation through instrument exploration and instruction, introduction to basic music theory, and exposure to a variety of musical styles and composers. 
The program incorporates Kodaly and Orff teaching methods and is designed to introduce the students to musical concepts and rhythm patterns, as well as develop their musical ear.  Students will experience sounds using body percussion and musical instrument and participate in games and group music making.

Instrument instruction focuses on the glockenspiel, and other keyed percussion.
Becoming comfortable with sharing their music is also a focus.

Jan. 12th ~ Feb. 11th


Sleigh Bells ~ Metal Malleted Percussion!

One Class A Week/$95

*$30 Discount if you have a glockenspiel from the Fall Semester.

Thursdays @ 5pm


March 2nd ~ May 6th


One Class A Week/ $175

*$30 Discount if you have a glockenspiel from the Fall Semester. 

Tuesdays @ 4pm

Thursdays @ 5:00pm​

No Late Enrollment available for these classes.
Music And Motion reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.

Masks required for students

Music And Motion

Kids Keyboarding

6  through 8 years

Group piano classes offer a fun and unique way for your child to be introduced to the piano and basic music theory and to prepare them for private piano instruction.
Small classes move together as a group through a graded piano book covering basic reaching and rhythm skills, along with duet and ensemble playing. Your child will enjoy the varied activities only a group can offer along with a focused approach to learning the keyboard.
Class time is divided between reviewing assignments, learning new repertoire, individual time on the keyboard, and musical enrichment activities.
Spring Semester Students must have a keyboard or piano at home and are expected to spend time during the week on home practice.

Jan. 12th ~  Feb. 11th


Hear! Here! A Musical Ear!

One Class A Week/$65

All Levels Thursdays @ 4pm


​March 2nd ~ May 6th


One Class A Week/$175 

Level 1 Thursdays @ 4:00pm

*Level 2 Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

*Level 3 Wednesdays @ 5:00pm

*Completion of the previous level or teacher approval is required to enroll.

Young Musician

7 to 10 years

This class is the next step in your child's musical adventure. Students will be learning to read, write, and play solo and ensemble music on a variety of instruments to include hand bells, boom whackers, keyed percussion, and ukulele. Rhythms and styles of music will also be explored and incorporated into class music making.

Student will need to have the ability to work independently and in small groups. 

Jan. 12th ~ Feb. 11th


Sleigh Bells ~ Hand Bell Happy!

One Class A Week/$65

Thursdays @ 6pm

March 2nd ~ May 6th


​One Class A Week/ $175

*$30 Discount If you have materials from the Fall Semester.

Thursdays @ 6:00pm