​​​FALL Semester: Whatever The Weather, Music Together

Sept. 10th ~ Dec. 21st

One Class A Week & Lumi Sticks w/Bag ~ $190*/Semester​​

*Enroll at any time, tuition will be automatically prorated during online registration.


 {Concurrent Classes for families with more than one enrolled child. 

 Fall 2018 HanoverSpring Grove

{5:30pm Toddler

{5:30pm Preschool

10:15am Toddler

11:15am Baby  



{10:15am Toddler

{10:15am Preschool

6:15pm Baby


5:45pm Toddler


9:15am Toddler

10:15am Baby

11:15am Preschool

6:15pm Kids Keyboarding 



  9:15am Bobbler

10:15am Toddler

4:45 Melody Makers

6:15pm Toddler


9:15am Preschool

10:15am Toddler

11:15am Baby

12:45pm Melody Makers


10:15am Toddler

11:15am Baby



Music And Motion reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.

​​​​​​​Preschooler ~ 3 through 5y (last 10 min. w/family)

Designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative children, our Preschool classes encourages socialization, sharing, and participation in group activities. Singing becomes a focus for enhancing the preschooler's vocal development as expressive language is just beginning to emerge.  Percussion instruments, rhythm patterns, and music vocabulary are introduced. Parents, caregivers, and siblings are invited to participating with the student in the last 10 minutes of class during Sharing Time.

Music And Motion