Music And Motion

Incorporate MUSIC into your home or cyber school curriculum!

(Group Piano)
6 to 9 years​

Group piano classes offer a fun and unique way for your child to be introduced to the piano, basic music theory, and prepare them for private piano lessons.
Class time includes group and individual keyboard instruction, learning new repertoire, reviewing assignments, and a variety musical and movement enrichment activities.
Students must have a piano or keyboard with standard sized keys (example: at home and are expected to spend time during the week on home practice.​​  

Becoming comfortable with sharing their music is also a focus. Participation in our end of year recital on May 10th is optional but highly encouraged.​
​March 5th ~ May 10th

$175/semester (includes all materials)
L1/2 Wednesdays @ 10:20am

L1/2 Wednesdays @ 6:20pm​​


Music And Motion reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.

6 through 10 years​

Young Musicians will explore and play authentic percussion, string, pre-keyboard instruments, exposing them to the many choices for future musical study.

Equal time will be spent singing, develop vocal skills, and beginning to learn to read music using the language of professional musicians and composers. There are also opportunities to move expressively to music to improve musicianship and physical coordination.​ 

Becoming comfortable with sharing their music is also a focus. Participation in our end of year recital on May 10th is optional but highly encouraged.​​

March 5th ~ May 10th

$175/semester​ ​(includes all materials)
Tuesdays @ 10:20am​
 Thursdays @ 6:20pm